"God is Good" TV Show


Telecare, the television station of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, operates with the mission of spreading God's word through its religious and educational programming. 

Fr. Charles Mangano and his sister Laurie are back again as our dynamic duo sharing their gifts of song and prayer.

See our Calendar for air dates.

View some of our past episodes below:

"God Is Good" Episode #609 "The Need For Spirituality In Drug And Alcohol Addiction"

"God Is Good" Episode #610 "Eucharistic Miracles"

"God Is Good" Episode #611 "Diabolical Influences"

"God Is Good" Episode #612 "Intereligious Marriage"

"God Is Good" Episode #613 "When Children Go To Heaven"

"God Is Good" Episode #614 "Desiring a Catholic Education"

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